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Screen PrintingScreen printing (silk screening) is a stencil method of imprinting in which a design is imaged on a screen of fine mesh. Areas that are to be blank are coated with an impermeable substance. Inks are then forced through the screen mesh and squeegeed onto the garment through the area of the screen that is to be imprinted.

Color separations are necessary, as the number of screens for any design is based on the number of colors in the design. Colors are printed in a proper order to achieve the desired effect. The procedure demands precise pressures, specific inks, and heat curing to result in long lasting designs. We can print six different inks colors at one time. However, we use several techniques to increase the number of perceived colors in a print.

Company picnic, church picnic, family reunion, birthday parties, team's scrimmage games are only a few of the events perfect for screen printing. T-shirts come in variety of sizes, styles and colors and they are the most affordable garments to embellish. With a small minimum of 24 pieces, screen printing is a no-brainer for a special events.

T-shirts are not the only garments that can be screen printed, but it is the most common one. We can screen print on jackets, hats, shirts, bags made of fabric, and many more items. Most common orders are for one or two color shirt, but we can print up to eight colors on certain designs and garments.

More samples and more info can be found at our new and more focused web site for Screen Printing and Embroidery

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